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SW Thames Regional Genetics Laboratory - Molecular genetics services


We provide a comprehensive service for disorders that can be diagnosed by DNA testing. The situation of the laboratory within the department facilitates the discussion of individual cases between laboratory staff and clinicians. The adjacent research laboratory provides the basis for translating research findings rapidly into the diagnostic service as funding permits.

  • The laboratory is a member of the UK Genetic Testing Network and SE England Genetic Clinical Network.

  • The laboratory is CPA accredited and participates and consistently scores highly in the UK National External Quality Assessment Scheme.

  • The laboratory is also fully accredited for training clinical scientists

Laboratory Contact Details

Telephone 020 8725 5332
Fax 020 8725 0570


The Laboratory is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. Advice for test ordering and interpretation is available between these hours. Clinical and referral advice is available from our Clinical Genetics department, whose contact details can be found here.


The Laboratory holds all patient information securely and does not give out personal information without consent. Patient confidentiality is maintained in accordance with local and national guidelines. Due to the nature of the interpretive reports we issue, we cannot give results to patients directly, only to their referring doctor.


Should you have a complaint regarding our service, please contact the Laboratory directly either by telephone or email (contact details above), or by contacting St. George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Complaints department, whose contact details can be found here.



  • Our new Overgrowth NGS panel test is now available, replacing seperate Sotos, Weaver and Marfan syndrome tests and including several other genes for related conditions. For more information, please to the Tests Available page here

  • Due to short-staffing, we are out-sourcing aortopathies (Loeys-Dietz, TAAD) sequencing to another UKGTN laboratory. Marfan syndrome is being performed in our Laboratory.

  • Due to short staffing we are currently experiencing delays in reporting times - please see below for further information.

  • Our Noonan Spectrum / Rasopathies service has been improved as of April 2015 to cover 23 genes and our pricelist has been adjusted to reflect this - please refer to our Tests Available page for further information

  • Please note that requests for DNA storage only will be charged 75 as of April 2015.

  • The new versions of our referral forms are now available, see links below.


New requests can be made using the Laboratory Request Form.

Request for prenatal analysis should be made using the Prenatal testing request form.

Please refer to the molecular genetics sample requirements page here

Please note: all requests for array CGH testing must have both pages of the Laboratory Request form completed.

Additional test requests on patient samples already held by the laboratory can be made verbally by phone but should also be subsequently confirmed in writing.

Tests and other information can also be requested via the email address above, preferably from other or accounts wherever possible.

Please ensure that patient confidentiality is maintained and no full name or dates of birth are used - please use hospital numbers or other known identifiers where possible.


Reporting times


The Laboratory aims to report 90% of results within nationally agreed reporting time targets but sometimes this is not achievable. Due to short staffing we are currently experiencing delays in reporting times. Below are our current median reporting times compared to ACGS target times.

Target reporting time (days) Median reporting time (days)
PCR-based prenatal tests
Southern-blot prenatal tests, 1p19q, MGMT, urgent STRs 14 13 
Familial mutation tests, MLPA-only tests 28 19
Full screen mutation scanning (<10 genes), routine Southern blot analysis 56 28
Large (>10 genes) NGS panel testing 112 95


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